How can we help?

Who We Are

The business grew from modest means. In the beginning of Carrier Delivery Logistic, the majority of the business involved shipping general commodities – commercial and industrial freight – to serve the primarily industrial regions.

Our competitive advantages are:

Flexibility to adapt to our customers’ requirements at short notice
To provide consistent service in an environment where this is difficult to execute
Smart decision making at the customer interface by our competent staff
Fully trained staff and drivers to manage the customer’s every need with expertise, punctuality and professionalism.

Our Global Mission

The need to diversify and embrace the globalization of business allowed us to rethink the company’s business model. We found that globalization itself offered an opportunity and expanded into domestic and international airfreight. We had to diversify and change the nature of our business,not only nationally, but also internationally and globally.

As a result, we entered the airfreight business. From there, we were able to make the natural leap into international business with international freight forwarding.

What’s in our Future?

International Carrier Delivery Logistic looks to continue expanding its operations around the globe. Today we strives to continue its success in international freight forwarding, warehousing, EU Customs services and European distribution. We focus on strengthening relationships with current clients, and continue to attract new business while sticking to the core values that began in the early days.

We will strive for constant improvement in the company, and ourselves by challenging conventional thinking and embracing technology. We will always move ahead proactively pursuing solutions that deliver improved results.

We will strive to exceed every customer’s expectations.

The main services we provide are:

  • urgent same day services
  • economy same day services
  • overnight services
  • worldwide courier
  • medical courier services
  • technical courier services
  • storage & distribution